Most Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I get the showing instructions and the code

You will receive the code as soon as you arrive at the property.

Do I Have To Enable Geolocation

Yes. Geolocation is necessary in order for the service to work properly and for you to receive instructions.

Does Bexa360™ track my location

Bexa360 is NOT tracking your location all the time. However the setting needs to be set to "Always" in order for you to receive your instructions instantly when you arrive. Geolocation is only used around the time of your showing.

Will It work with my MLS or what area can I use it

You can use Bexa360™ nationwide and in any MLS.

Can I schedule a Showing For Someone Else

The showing must be scheduled by the person showing it. The showing is linked to the mobile device scheduling the showing and only that device will be able to retrieve the showing instructions. 

Do I have to use a particular lockbox

No. Bexa360™ is not connected to any particular lockbox and can work with any of them.