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It's Time For A Change

This Happens All The Time...It Needs To Stop

Agents Give Codes To Buyers

It's not debatable or arguable. It's a proven fact. We hear, "But that's an ethics violation! No one would do that." Of course it is but if you're an experienced Agent, you can't deny this happens all the time. Stop it from happening to your clients.

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You Should Assume Your Email Is Hacked

Ask yourself where your Client's Access Information is 

Your email should not ever have this information sitting there and keep it out of text messages too. Do you give Buyer's Agents codes over the phone for them to write down the info on an MLS sheet? What happens to it after that? Is it given to the Buyer? 

Buyer's Agents Don't Care About Your Seller's Time

Your Seller's Time Is Valuable

Selling is stressful enough. Show them you care enough to make showings a breeze. Don't let them waste time. Give them their home back right away and let them gauge interest right away. It'll save you those phone calls we dread  that go, "Did they even show up?" Even if they don't come to the door, your client will know if they were there or not.

Reduce Your Liability While Giving Your Clients a Better Selling Experience


Buyer's Agents can't give away what they don't have. They don't get the codes until they arrive which means they can't give codes away to their clients. When the showing is over or the Agent leaves, the code is no longer accessible.

Two Buyer's Agents there at the same time? No problem! You'll know exactly which Agent was the last one there even if they don't open their app. No more fights about who was there last with the key.


Keep your Client's access information  out of their emails, texts and off of MLS sheets. Now there's no reason to send codes through emails, texts & phone. Do the right thing for your clients in safeguarding their information.

Not only privacy for your Client. Bexa360™ doesn't sell your Seller or Agent data. 


You and the Seller will be notified in real-time when showings arrive and depart. Even if they never come to the front door, you'll know they were there. Reduce the friction of relying on feedback. Easily gauge interest by how long the showing lasts. Bexa360™ is not dependent on any MLS or lockbox company. It's available everywhere.

We've All Seen These Horror Stories

It's time that we are better stewards of their information and time.

Squatters Steal Home -

The day before closing, the Listing Agent goes to get the sign and lockbox which is still on the door. She finds squatters in the home. The squatters show an illegitimate land contract to authorities that has been recorded. Sellers had to cancel the sale, hire an attorney and  'Quiet the Title' of the property to sell it. Seller lost 4 months plus attorney's fees and carrying costs.


Video Doorbell Doesn't Stop Buyer -

Seller see Buyer approach door and can see and hear the Buyer on the phone with his Agent. The audio pics up the Agent saying, "Just hit Enter, "insert code", and Enter again." Seller watches as the Agent's electronic lockbox opens. Buyer gets the key and is free to roam around his house unsupervised. Seller had to watch it happen and couldn't stop it.

Buyer Moves In At Walk-Thru Then Doesn't Close -

Buyer's Agent gave access code to Buyer to do their own final walk through. Buyer moves items in prior to closing. At the closing, the Buyer tells the closer he just bought a new car. Closing was cancelled due to the Buyer's new debt. Buyer marred walls removing furniture upon exiting property.

Buyer Takes Key Out Of Lockbox -

Listing Agent schedules showing on her own listing. Shows up and there's no key in the lockbox. Only one showing prior to hers. Previous showing Agent swears he didn't take the key or give it to the Buyer. Buyer shows up 10 minutes later to return the only key. Had there been more than one previous showing, she would not have been able to prove who had the key.

What's everyone saying?

What do Sellers & Agents  Think Of Bexa360™?

I've never had more control over my showings...It saved me so much time.

We're a military family and we've sold a lot of homes. I've never had this much control over our showings. I know EXACTLY when anyone comes and goes, even if they never come to the front door. We don't have to keep driving around our house to see when a showing is done. I get a text when they leave. I like that we have an idea if someone liked it just based on how long they they were there. I also like that our information isn't strewn all over the place. It gives us peace of mind.

Brenda c. - Seller

...Best showing company I've used in 20 years.

I just used Bexa360™ on my listing and it's awesome! It’s literally bad ass. It’s about time someone starts to fix the broken and poorly made things in our industry. Less room for error and way more protection for the sellers. And on the Buyer's Agents' side, it's so easy. Hands down best showing company I’ve used in 20 years. 

Kari Lancaster - Realtor®

Keeps Agents honest...Sellers love it.

On my first listing using Bexa360™ I caught 2 Agents and one inspector trying to give codes away. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, keep agents honest and ensure that they did what they said they were going to do. My Sellers love it and now I can't imagine not having it on one of my listings. 

Brooke Wyatt - Realtor®

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